Monday, April 30, 2012

Font Licensing; or, Why I am Awake in the Middle of the Night

So I've been reading a book about fonts (which will probably be reviewed in my next post), and it keeps mentioning a license for using a font. This got me worried about the fact that I don't really know the rules about when and how you can and can't use a font. Here's my favorite summary so far:
(with the extra bonus of a fun graphic look)

In general, you can use the fonts that came on your computer without worrying about it - same goes for the fonts that come with Microsoft Office and with Adobe Creative Suite. The main things you should NOT do:
1. Download a font without reading the agreement. You don't want to use a font in a major campaign (or even a minor one) without knowing what the permissions are.
2. Swap fonts with other designers (even inside your office.) If I have a font installed on my computer, and my coworker doesn't have it, then they probably don't have a license to use it.

Respect the designer, respect the font!