Saturday, July 10, 2010

I am not a librarian.

"Librarian" is a professional title, and in order to lay claim to it one usually needs an MLS (Master of Library Sciences) or more recently an MLIS (Master of Library and Information Sciences). I possess neither of these degrees. So while I work in a library and love it, I am not a librarian.

I work part-time in the marketing department of my county's public library; "Publications and Promotions," we're called. Four people crammed into one small office, with our boss in the office next door.

I don't actually have a marketing degree either, nor journalism, communications, or graphic design. What I have is a Bachelors in English Lit (which I freely refer to as a major in 'Making Crap Up'), a decent eye for design, a comparatively high level of technological deftness, a desire to do good, and a ravenous intellectual curiosity.

Let's see what happens.

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